SUPCON S2 Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) can provide decision-making information for senior management with respect to benefit and risk through financial and business integration, integration of production, supply and sale, management and control integration, information and business management integration, platform integration and the integration of management and operation; provide company operating condition for senior management; provide a convenient operating environment for front-line managers to improve working efficiency. 


Planning management 
It converts sales demand of external market to the enterprise and other small demands into internal production and procurement demand of the enterprise through planning management, and sales plan into production and procurement plans. 

Sales management 
It supports sales contract and sales agreement management, sales order management, shipping management, invoice and payment management, etc., track the whole business focusing on customers and sales order. 

Procurement management 
It covers multi-process and multi-dimensional business, protect material supply, improve procurement efficiency and transparency, reduce procurement cost, build an efficient supply chain through fine analysis and management of procurement price and suppliers. 

Warehouse management 
It supports all core business and expanding service of enterprise inventory management, serves the entire supply chain business at the premise of exact, transparent and timely inventory information. 

Quality management 
It takes the integration of quality management and procurement management, inventory management, production management, sales management and other modules, so as to realize incoming material inspection, product inspection, process inspection, storage recheck, shipping inspection and other inspection business. 

Cost management 
The production cost of products is calculated in the given methods by users based on input cost and production statistics data, and inventory cost will be maintained synchronously. Meanwhile, it can provide such functions as cost quota, cost forecast, cost calculation, cost analysis and cost control to help the enterprise to improve cost management level. 

Cooperative Office (OA) 
It focuses on the concept of cooperation and provides intelligence office and effective collaboration, mainly including daily office application, personal affairs management, enterprise knowledge management, administrative management, portal management, process management, menu management, information platform, statement management, etc

Business intelligence
SUPCON business intelligence is a comprehensive business intelligence software integrating business center, data center and analysis center as a whole, which can integrate varieties of information in a rapid, exact and effective way for the enterprise, and provide the right information to a right person according needs of different roles through abundant ways of exhibition and analysis, respond to changes in enterprise management flexibly and promptly, to build a series of complete decision assistance and analysis system. 

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