Main Features

ECS-700 brings your operators a friendly and efficient operating environment that keeps every operator clearly informed, and easy to control the process. Typically, the system can be called in project as DCS, FCS, PCS, IACS, PDCS, etc.

As the core digital automation platform of a modern plant, ECS-700 captures plant-wide data in real time via various standard interfaces, such as OPC, MODBUS, HART, FF and PROFIBUS, and delivers the right data to the right person on right time.

By implementing Control Domain and Operation Domain strategy, ECS-700 supports flexible expansion of your plant up to 65,000 I/Os for each control domain and supports up to maximum 60 control domains. By adopting ECS-700, you can expand your plant scale as you wish.

By implementing Control Domain and Operation Domain strategy, ECS-700 supports flexible expansion of your plant up to 65,000 I/Os for each control domain and supports up to maximum 60 control domains. By adopting ECS-700, you can expand your plant scale as you wish.

ECS-700 is a highly reliable control system. The stable operation throughout the whole process is completely free from the failure of any single component. Designed in compliance with European Community EMC Directive II, and special anti-corrosion coating in compliance with ISA71.04 standard G3. Also, the system passed CE EMC and CE LVD certificates, as well as the highest level (Level II) test of Achilles, one of the most critical certificates for cyber security. See more

An architecture covering a variety of plant sizes & industries

ECS-700 has an architecture consisting of HMI, field control stations, and a control network. These three basic components provide flexible scalability from small scale to large and complex facilities.

Intelligent solutions to improve
your plant performance

Industry is considered a driver for innovation, growth, and social stability. At the same time,
however, competition is growing more intense. Only those who can make do with less energy and fewer 
resources will be able to cope with the growing cost pressure.

These challenges can be overcome. As a partner of customer, SUPCON developed a variety of automation
solutions to assist your plant performance; these solutions cover the lifecycle of your plant, 
such as SAMS, FF, SCSS, integrated platform, OTS, MES, APC, Batch, etc.

SAMS – SUPCON Asset Management System
SAMS (SUPCON Asset Management System) Software, as the software part of SUPCON intelligent device management solution, is to realize the management of HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and other intelligent instruments. SAMS has functions including device status monitoring, device configuration, fault diagnosis, device alarm and operation record, etc.
SAMS Makes Predictive Maintenance Possible
Alarms generated by SAMS will be reported to system; based on the information from SAMS maintenance, engineers can take predictive maintenance action to reduce unplanned shutdown. In addition, engineers can sort all the alarms, and the typical prioritized alert list includes:
SAMS Supports the Device of FDT/DTM

Users can use the device DTM to easily modify parameter and execute advanced diagnosis. Device DTM provides more advanced diagnosis functions combined with graph and is more illustrative.

  • Output failure
  • Local override
  • Loop in manual
  • Device out of service reports
  • Input failure/process variable has bad status
  • Excessive loop variability
SAMS Supports PST (Partial Stroke Test)
SAMS Software develops PST diagnosis function which is applicable to various kinds of instruments and valves through the use of Equipment DTM. PST enables users to extend the time interval between proof tests of safety valves and reduce plant maintenance cost.
FOUNDATION Fieldbus System
SUPCON FOUNDATION Fieldbus System is based on Webfield ECS-700, which conforms to the 61b standards of FF host system and can meet the application requirements of Fieldbus project.
With SUPCON Webfield ECS-700 Fieldbus System, you will benefit from system design, installation, debugging, startup, operation and maintenance. FCS simplified infrastructure saves cost of investment, its high distribution and self-control with field devices will improve the system control performance.
Openness and Interoperability
The system is based on the open system interconnection model of ISO/OSI, take the physical layer, data link layer and the application layer as the corresponding layers for H1 communication model, and add the user layer on the application layer that conforms to the international standard of IEC 61158-2 Fieldbus protocol. Supporting all devices which are tested and certificated by Fieldbus Foundation, there are more than 350 manufacturers who can provide Fieldbus devices.
SCSS – SUPCON Cyber Security Solution
Nowadays, security threats aimed at control systems are increasing by malwares (i.e. worms, viruses, Trojan horse, etc.) and appearance of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) (i.e. targeted attacks). To easy your mind, SUPCON developed SUPCON Cyber Security Solution (SCSS) to protect your IACS from these threats. It is a management system based on the risk assessment.
Typical Procedures to Reach SCSS
  • Organization of the security committee
  • Identification of the assets
  • Continuous monitoring and revision
  • Identification and evaluation of the threats
  • Identification and evaluation of the vulnerability
  • Design and implementation of the security measures
FCS-SIS Integrated Platform
The unique design of ECS-700 FCS simplified the integration of plant automation control system, and shorten the installation and commissioning process; in addition, the seamless integration of SUPCON ECS-700 (FCS) and TCS-900 (SIS) will bring you more benefits.
Integrated Platform Based on ECS-700 and TCS-900
The TCS-900 Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is more than just a shutdown system. TCS-900 supports seamless integration with ECS-700 via Scnet IV, meanwhile TCS-900 control stations can talk together via SafeEthernet, it provides the backbone of secure, and safe plant operation.
  • Enhanced cyber security design
  • Integrated engineering tools
  • No single point of failure design
  • Intuitive and integrated operation platform
  • Integrated asset management platform
  • EEMUA guidelines oriented alarm management platform
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