Increase your performance

Main Features

User Authority Management to ensure the safety of operation; enhanced design of JX-300XP, makes your process immune to virus and other internet risks. With a variety of interconnection facilities(OPC, VBA, TCP/IP), JX-300XP provides you a very open application environment, and helps your operator easily touch total plant information. Embedded numerous dedicated process functions help your operator to operate the process intelligently.

JX-300XP is reliable and efficient platform of process control, provides your engineer an easy integration solution of: DCS, SIS, RTU, SCADA, MMS, LDS, TGS etc.

JX-300XP improves personnel’s handling ability of emergency with powerful operation and maintenance functions such as the friendly operating environment, alarm management, real-time database platform, remote system diagnose assistance for SUPCON after-sales team.

JX-300XP delivers high reliable and availability of the control system. The stable operation throughout the whole process is completely free from failure of any single component.

Typical Architecture of


JX-300XP has an architecture consisting of human machine interfaces,
field control stations,
and a control network. These three
basic components provide for flexible scalability from small scale to large
and complex facilities.

Highly Reliable and Flexible Product

With professional and endeavored design, JX-300XP maintains availability of 99.9999%.

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