Experience :5
Location :Bangalore, India
Job Description :

  • 1. Mainly in charge of planning and carrying out all sales activities in a particular business region including business planning, scheduling, communicating, and negotiating.
  • 2. Make sure the customer is satisfied and has to take care of the quality of product and service delivery.
  • 3. Must build relations with new & existed customers and maintain a customer database.
  • 4. Must develop and maintain sales and promotional materials.
  • 5. Plan and conduct direct marketing activities including assisting Marketing Department and participating in the events such as trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • 6.Monitors competition & market conditions , collect relative data, and submit biz development proposals for HOD/supervisor reference.
  • 7. Coordinate all internal resource & supervise the fulfilling of the contract he/she signed.

Requirements :

  • 1. Graduate in Industry Automation or Instrumentation with 5-6 years of Experience in Sales and Marketing.
  • 2. Have done business last year for Industry Automation or Instrumentation.
  • 3. Should be outgoing/extrovert, able to take initiative and possess good communication skills, smart, highly result oriented.
  • 4. Have a will to grow up with our Company & travel where as HOD Specifies.
  • 5. Working experience in foreign invested company is preferred.
  • 6. Self-motivation, strong passion, hard working, flexible and teamwork.