October 18, 2011-China MES Annual conference 2011 was held from October 13 to 15 in Hangzhou. It was organized by China Instrument and Control Society MES Branch, Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Association for Science and Technology. SUPCON Software Company co-organized the even 

Several topics were raised under the present situation: How to integrate informationization and industrialization by MES? How to set up MES standards? What is the direction of MES technology under the low-carbon development mode? How does MES support industrial energy management? 

Almost a hundred experts from famous institutes and engineers of the industrial side gethered to discuss and explore subjects of MES development and applications. Zhao Lujun, Executive Deputy General Manager of SUPCON MES Division gave an introduction of SUPCON MES solutions and practical benefits. One of the SUPCON MES solution beneficiaries, Irico Group Electronics Co., Ltd. also shared their experience of utilizing MES in the photovoltaic glass manufacturing.