December 7, 2011-2011 SUPCON-BUCT Scholarship awarding ceremony was held in Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT). Over 150 guests attended the event including Ren Xingang, Vice President of BUCT, and Zhou Xiaowen, Director of SUPCON Human Resource. 

As the first agenda, SUPCON and BUCT exchanged ideas about Elite Engineer Program (EEP) which will be implemented by both parties. The discussion focused on the feasibility and collabration mode of EEP, including training goals, curriculum setup, management mechanism, and current institution-and-enterprise partnership etc. An initiatory cooperation agreement was achieved after the summary of EEP implementation scheme made by SUPCON and BUCT respectively. 

Following the EEP seminar, the scholarship awarding ceremony started. Zhu Qunxiong, Dean of BUCT Information School, firstly addressed to thank SUPCON for the great support to BUCT. He concluded 2011 as the SUPCON-BUCT Year for a close partnership had been going on between the two parties. 

Zhou Xiaowen represented SUPCON to give the speech. “BUCT is a key institution in the chemical industry, having been educating a large number of high-quality talents to support the industry development in China,” said Zhou. When mentioned the EEP, he confidently expressed his faith that EEP could make the best of advantages from both SUPCON and BUCT, and foster excellent automation engineers with international vision. 

Dr. Zhong Weitao, Deputy Director of SUPCON Marketing Center, then announced the winners of 2011 SUPCON-BUCT Scholarship. Leaders of both parties presented the certificate and scholarship to the outstanding students.