September 20, 2011-SUPCON has successfully won four sets of 200,000t/a coal glycol DCS respectively in four subsidiaries of the Henan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd(HNCC). The contract has further expanded SUPCON’s market share in the high-end coal chemical industry as a leading player in China. 

The four 200,000t/a coal glycol projects all adopt world-leading technology of coal glycol production with long process flows and complex control loops, which require the control system with extremely high reliability and stability. SUPCON won the customer’s trust due to its complete total solution, broad engineering experience, and dependable service and warranty. 

SUPCON WebField DCS will configure 12 control stations, 32 operation stations and engineer stations, 16 heterogeneous system communications, with a total scale of over 8,800 I/Os. 

LINK: HNCC is a large state-owned company restructured by 6 companies in 2008. Its business covers coal, chemical, non-ferrous metal, equipment manufacture, logistic and trade, etc. with over 100 billion RMB turnover a year. It was also listed as one of the Global Fortune 500 in 2011.