September 5, 2011-The acceptance meeting of SUPCON’s New-type Integrated Digital Operating Room System, which is a part of the Hangzhou Information and Service Program was held on Sep. 2nd. Eight panal members from Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission, Bureau of Finance in Binjiang District, and Zhejiang University evaluated the project from different angles. 

The acceptance meeting procedures included listening to the presentation of project summary, examining special auditor’s report, software testing report and user report, and checking the demo system. After all the evaluations, the panal agreed that the project achieved contract requirements and was accepted. 

New-type Integrated Digital Operating Room System Project mainly developed the key technology and standards of information acquisition, storage, transmission, management and display during operations. Based on that, the operating room system is able to optimize operating procedures and enhance work efficiency, as well as control and reduce infections. 

The pilot system was firstly carried out in the PLA General Hospital after cooperated with their different departments. Due to its effective practice and using result, the system was then accepted by a number of large hospitals across China in Changsha, Sanya, Tianjing, Kunming, Hangzhou, etc.