January 4, 2012-SUPCON won the coal-based co-production DCS contact including 500,000,000m3 SNG, 180,000 t/a synthesis ammonia, and 300,000 t/a urea in Henan Jinmei Tianqing Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. This is the first time for a Chinese DCS supplier to take the plant-wide united control system based on Lurgi coal gasification technology. 

SUPCON WebField ECS-700 control system will be used in the large-scale combination unit including air separation, Lurgi coal gasification, low-temperature mathanol purification, Casale ammonia synthesis, CO2urea, gas storage & transportation and boiler, backup coal, and public works etc. There will be 13 pairs of controllers, 30 operation stations and engineer stations, nearly 20 heterogeneous system communications, with totally 12,000 I/Os. 

Lurgi coal gasification technology is one of the key coal chemical technologies and the most preferred SNG technology. Due to its complicated and large-scale control scheme, none of the Chinese DCS companies had commissioned any units involving Lurgi technology. Breaking the monopoly of international giants proved SUPCON’s overall advantage, especially in the coal chemical industry, in which SUPCON has a worldwide leading market share of key technologies.