December 30, 2011-The West Hangzhou Emergency Gas Source Station Project, of which the control system was supplied by SUPCON, started operation in the end of 2011. As the first emergency gas source station in Hangzhou, as well as a key municipal project, it attracted more than 20 government top leaders attending the tentative operation ceremony on December 28. 

The SUPCON WebField GCS system carries out monitoring and control to the LNG unloading system, LNG storage system, LNG gasification system, LNG bottling system, LCNG filling system, and additive gas pipes and accessory production equipments. At the same time, it can work with the FGS (Fire & Gas System) and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) to protect operators and equipments, ensuring safe, reliable and efficient running. The GCS system has proved its technical advantage and application preference in the oil & gas storage and transportation area. 

Links: The West Hangzhou Emergency Gas Source Station has a capacity of 4,950m3, including one 4,500m3 LNG atmospheric pressure tank, three 150m3 LNG vacuum power tanks and relative equipments, with a designed daily supply capacity of 800,000m3.